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Yes, we've moved!

Click here! Or here! Or here, even! And if you don't want to click, type into your address bar!

Farewell, comicgenesis! I'm not really going to miss you!

...I mean, comicgen definitely has its upsides. I can't really compare it to other free comic host thingities, but I liked how easy it was for me to design my own site and get it to work with their system.

But comicgen currently has this huge issue where people who registered after a date in early May can't log into the siteadmin. What's worse is that everyone who has this problem has to go to the forum to learn that it's universal to all "new" members. When I first registered, I had to dig around the help forum to learn that it wasn't an issue on my end. Someone eventually dug up a link for the old siteadmin, which just barely works. The only alternative is to upload things like new comics via ftp. Their system updates anything uploaded via ftp only once a day, which really sucks when trying to design a working website, or update a comic at a time other than the one the user originally specified when signing up for comicgen.

This problem has been going on since May. According to a thread on the help forum, the site admin is being completely rewritten, but there's been very little communication from the people running the site about the problem, and I don't know if this is really the case, but I just get the feeling that fixing the system isn't a priority.

I get that comicgen is free, and so they don't really owe anyone anything, but the whole situation just kind of sucks, and it's something I feel people should know about before joining up with comicgen.

I don't mean to make it sound like I'm leaving in a mess of sour grapes, because I'm not. I'm leaving because a private domain is just plain better than free space. No ads (unless I want them), no restrictions, and it looks better. Subdomains aren't as respectable, you know? And if I wasn't moving, I'd stick with comicgen, because the situation isn't that bad, and I've obviously made do in spite of it.

So here's hoping to seeing you at Prophecy!

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